IWEEE 2014
IWEEE 2014
Las Palmas Las PalmasLas PalmasLas PalmasLas Palmas
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IWEEE brings together a multi-disciplinary team representing NGOs, Academia, Government and Industry to share their experiences and to try to find ways to improve the lives of millions of human beings around the world.

IWEEE focuses on the human factor and raising awareness about the current situation of societies. We will discuss mechanisms that help health professionals, institutions and NGOs to improve people's quality of life.

The workshop promotes Free Software as an effective and ethical solution to provide universality and equity in health care.

There will not be parallel conferences. All delegates will be able to assist and participate in the workshops that they find of interest. Communication among delegates is key.

IWEEE is a non-profit event organized by GNU SOLIDARIO


Luis Falcón
GNU Solidario