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IWEEE 2014 - Social Medicine - Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), May 29th-30th

Dear community:

Along with the meteoric expansion of information technologies, we have witnessed a swerve in the noble field of medicine. Patients became “clients”, clinical services are now “product lines”, and what we once knew as a social right, namely quality healthcare, is now an optional luxury. Neither a line of code, nor a viral strain may dwell oblivious to this reality.

Hence, as we gradually welcome our first lustrum with consecutive IWEEE chapters, we believe it was our duty to stress on one simple, but often forgotten concept: Social Medicine. It is our humble effort to fill the void between social analysis and everyday clinical practices with innovative projects, bold undertakings and invaluable experiences. We share the same discomfort Dr. Paul E. Farmer – known for his humanitarian work providing "first world" health care for "third world" people – suffered:

“I can’t sleep. There’s always somebody not getting treatment. I can’t stand that”.

Last year, among other participants, members of Doctors without Borders, Red Cross, the Ministry of Health of El Salvador, UNESCO, and Partners for Health NGO - Tbilisi State Medical University honored us with their presence.

This 2014 edition will be held in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands),
on May 29th-30th
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Let us provide universality and equity in healthcare; let us ensure eHealth for all!

IWEEE 2014 - Social Medicine

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IWEEE 2014 - Social Medicine